Empowering Wellness

how it all began

Back in 2022, we noticed something missing—a real focus on specialized mental health support within the NDIS framework. That's when the light bulb went off! We set out to create Amity Mental Wellness, not just as another provider, but as a pioneer in building the capacity of our clients.

Our aim? To gradually reduce the daily support our clients need, empowering them to stand strong on their own.

What drove us was a deep passion for understanding mental health and its profound impact on all aspects of our wellbeing—the biopsychosocial model that sees each person as a whole, not just a set of symptoms.

We wanted to step away from the clinical coldness often found in the field and inject fun and approachability into everything we do. By making our services laid-back and engaging, we hoped to forge strong, open relationships with our clients. This way, they'd feel comfortable sharing anything with us, allowing for true, meaningful support.

Amity started with a clear vision: to blend diverse counselling theories and real-world applications, helping people enhance their capabilities in daily life. As our team grew, each member brought their unique flair but shared a common goal—making mental health support not just effective but enjoyable.

By focusing on strong relationships and genuine improvement in our clients' lives, Amity Mental Wellness isn’t just about providing services; it’s about changing lives, one fun, empowered step at a time.


Commitment to Transforming Mental Health

Amity Mental Wellness is dedicated to redefining mental health support with a commitment to accountability, innovation, and respect. Our mission is to empower each individual with personalised, enjoyable, and effective strategies, ensuring they are fully supported in living their chosen life. We champion continuous improvement and creativity in our services, aiming to inspire and lead enhancements across the mental health sector, and advocate for universal access to necessary support.

Our team



Jenn, our Director and NDIS Mental Health Specialist, is a mental health professional with degrees in Counselling and Applied Social Science. She was drawn to this field after noticing gaps in the system and feeling a strong desire to fix them. Jenn’s innovative approach includes implementing different kinds of assessments backed by various theories, which provides staff with the necessary information to help someone from the get-go. In her spare time, Jenn enjoys spending time with her animals, seeing live music, and enjoying the great outdoors.


Business Manager

John, our Business Manager and Support Coordinator, is an experienced professional with a background in governmental roles and real estate. His passion, however, lies in the mental health industry, stemming from his own lived experiences. John’s procedural knowledge and understanding of the NDIS system allow him to get things done efficiently. He enjoys speaking directly with agents who can make changes happen quickly and is responsible for writing all of our policies and procedures, keeping everyone compliant and on the ball.


Team Leader

Kim, our Peer Support Team Leader, transitioned to a mental health-focused position after a decade in disability work. Her lived experience makes her empathetic and knowledgeable when it comes to mental health. Kim enjoys motivating clients to try new things and helping them realize their potential. She is known for her approachable, laid-back nature and her ability to lighten up any environment with a laugh.


Support Coordinator

Kayla is passionate about helping people reach their full potential and believes in the power of goal-setting. Kayla is knowledgeable in youth care and enjoys using a strength-based approach to create positive outcomes for her clients. Kayla wants to raise awareness about mental health and reduce the stigma associated with it. She believes that everyone should be able to openly talk about mental health without fear of judgment. Kayla loves her animals and enjoys playing basketball in her free time.


Support Coordinator

Sarah brings her passion and organisational skills to our team. Her interest in psychology and criminology, coupled with her lived experience, allows her to understand human behavior and experience true empathy. Sarah is a strong advocate for her clients and is always ready to increase her knowledge and skill set to benefit the mental health industry. In her spare time, she enjoys spending time with friends and family, playing video games, and lifting weights.


Support Worker

Tom is a dedicated support worker with a broad range of interests, spanning from languages to sports. Tom is driven to make a positive impact on our mental health care system and is currently immersed in his Biomedical Science studies, which gives him a unique perspective on the intricacies of mental health. This academic background, combined with his personal experiences, equips him to be a compassionate and informed support worker and advocate for mental health awareness. He firmly believes in the power of organisation to tackle challenges, a principle he applies both in his studies and his work.


Support Worker

Mel is driven by her personal and lived experiences with mental health. She believes that everyone deserves the right to live a healthy and fulfilling life, regardless of the mental health challenges they may face. Mel’s knowledge of various services and her gentle, understanding approach make her an invaluable asset to our team. Outside of work, Mel’s creativity shines through her love for arts, crafts, and cake decorating. Her bubbly personality and love for a good ‘chit chat’ make her easily approachable and a joy to be around.


Support Worker

Bryce is deeply empathetic and relatable, thanks to his lived experiences with mental health. He is passionate about helping others on their journeys and is known for his deep care for the people he works with. Bryce’s knowledge of mental health and self-help strategies allows him to provide firsthand advice and share his experiences. He enjoys bonding with clients over shared interests like video games, computers, horror games, board games, and card games.


Support Worker

Zani joined our team out of her desire to help others in a face-to-face role. She brings a unique perspective to our team, having lived experience. Zani’s deep interest in psychology and human behavior, particularly in understanding the effects of intergenerational trauma, allows her to provide exceptional support services. She is passionate about helping individuals establish daily routines and enjoys bonding with clients over exercise and music.

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